10:54am June 2, 2013

Closed AU: Too Old for Dolls

If there is one (positive) thing to be said about the French, it’s that at least they know what they’re doing with clothing.


The automaton on display in the window was dressed as if they’d pulled him straight from Alice in Wonderland, a top hat perched precariously on his head with a salad fork jammed into the brim of it.

The doll says nothing, does nothing, although the sign on the tea table beside him advertised “a full intelligence!” “completely self aware!” and other things beside.

And below all of that, in someone’s messy cursive handwriting, it reads “Not for sale. Purchased by a Mr. Bonnefois. Reserved as a gift for a friend.”

The doll continues to stare impassively out the window of the toy shop, that faintly amused expression never changing.